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Russia intercepts 120 Ukrainian drones overnight MOD
21 Jun 2024

Dozens of UAVs have been downed over the Black Sea, Crimea and Krasnodar Region, according to the Defense Ministry

The Russian military has repelled several large-scale Ukrainian drone raids, shooting down 114 UAVs overnight and intercepting six naval drones in the Black Sea, the Defense Ministry in Moscow has said.

Russian air defense units prevented an "attempt by the Kiev regime to carry out a terrorist attack using unmanned boats and airplane-type UAVs on Russian infrastructure," the military said in a brief statement on Friday.

At least 70 drones were intercepted over the territory of Crimea, while the Black Sea fleet tracked down and destroyed six unmanned surface vehicles.

Another 43 drones were downed over Krasnodar Region, while one UAV was intercepted in Volgograd Region, the military added.

"During the night, the civilian infrastructure of our region came under a massive attack by the criminal Kiev regime," Krasnodar Region governor Veniamin Kondratyev wrote on Telegram on Friday.

In the city of Krasnodar, a boiler facility near the Yuzhny bus terminal was damaged. One worker was killed in the attack, and several more were injured, Kondratyev said.

Elsewhere in the city, UAVs damaged administrative buildings on the territory of an oil refinery, according to the governor.



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