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State will certainly march forward: CM Chandrababu Naidu

20 Jun 2024

Amaravathi (Andhra Pradesh) [India], June 20 (ANI): Terming the Amaravathi and Polavaram projects as centres of creating assets, Chief Minister, Chandrababu Naidu, on Thursday regretted that both of them got totally ruined because of the imprudence of the previous government, an official statement said.

On Thursday, CM Naidu had a field visit to the entire capital region of Amaravathi. Later, he told the media that the former government had not only made a mockery but completely destroyed the people's capital. During his field visit, CM Naidu personally examined the constructions that were completely destroyed by the previous government and expressed concern about seeing the ruins, it added.

CM Naidu, who began his tour with the Praja Vedika in Vundavalli, which was totally demolished by the YSRCP government immediately after coming to power, moved to the place in Uddandarayanipalem where the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, laid the foundation stone for the capital. He offered prayers and later visited the houses constructed for the MLAs and MLCs, then the houses built for the All India Service officers and the High Court judges, the release said.

CM Chandrababu also saw the residential houses built for the ministers, gazetted and non-gazetted officers and the apartment complexes being built for the fourth class employees. The Chief Minister asked for all the details, like the extent of every house, the facilities available and the designs.

Speaking to media persons at the CRDA Bhavan on the Seed Access Road, CM Chandrababu felt that the battle of the farmers who have given their lands for building the capital will remain in history as they continued their war for 1,631 days even after facing several cases and challenges, the release added.

"The farmers have called off their agitation with the confidence that their area will be developed after the change of government. The agitation of the farmers for the capital will remain an example for future generations," the Chief Minister observed. In Andhra Pradesh, A stands for Amaravathi and P stands for Polavaram, he said, adding that Amaravathi will remain the people's capital and the youth can confidently work in their state without migrating to other states in search of employment.

Maintaining that the victory of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in the recent polls is history, CM Chandrababu said that the people totally rejected a person as they felt that he was not fit to be chief minister and confined him only to 11 seats. "We have witnessed in the past five years how the state suffers and what kind of loss the people face if a person who is not fit for politics and not eligible to lead the state becomes the chief minister," CM Chandrababu remarked.

Recalling that the Prime Minister has laid the foundation for the capital, the Chief Minister said that leaders from various parts of the country have presented sacred soil and pure water from rivers to express solidarity. Calling upon the people who voted for the YSRCP in these elections to rethink what kind of leaders they have voted for, the Chief Minister asked them to self-examine what the future of the state will be if such leaders remain in politics, the release said.

"By implementing the welfare programmes, we will certainly develop the state, and the government has the responsibility to bring about a radical change in the lifestyle of the people. Unable to bear the five-year destruction, the people have come forward to exercise their franchise and I am promising that the state will certainly march forward," CM Chandrababu Naidu noted.

Making it clear that rowdyism will no longer be allowed in the state, the Chief Minister promised to rebuild the state and bring back the past glory to Andhra Pradesh. He made it clear that he has yet to study how and where the lands in the capital area are mortgaged and asked the officers to mend their ways, it added. (ANI)

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